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Spatial Data Creation and Management

Focus Project

Project Title: Mapping Lake Superior Water Trail Route

Client: The Great Trail of Canada (Trans-Canada Trail)


Spatialworks worked with Joanie and Gary McGuffin and Dr. Sheila Gruner (Algoma University) to delineate the 1,000 km Trans-Canada Lake Superior Water Trail, from Sault Ste. Marie to Thunder bay along the coast of Lake Superior. This trail forms The Great Trail of Canada (Trans-Canada Trail) for this part of Ontario. Spatialworks developed a suite of overview and key maps as well as a set of detailed trail section maps.


Focus Project

Project Title: Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement (CBFA) Data Coordination and Management

Client: Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement Secretariat, Member ENGOs and Forest Companies


Coordinated data management, analysis, and mapping for both the forest industry (FPAC Member Companies) and Environmental Non-Governmental Organization (PEW Trust, Ivey Foundation, David Suzuki Foundation, CPAWS, The Nature Conservancy, Canopy, Forest Ethics, Greenpeace) caucuses of the Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement. Spatialworks provided comprehensive services acquiring, managing, analyzing and mapping nation-wide data for forest tenure, harvest, roads, caribou habitat and protected areas layers to support the CBFA process over its 8-year lifespan.


Other Example Projects

  • Designed spatial database and developed technical plan for the collection and cataloging of spatial data for Conservation Authority Lands in Ontario for Environment and Climate Change Canada, Canadian Wildlife Service-ON.

  • Developed spatial sampling protocols for Nature Conservancy Canada and Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry field crews to sample various Species at Risk (birds, amphibians) and analyzed resulting plot data to validate habitat suitability models.

  • Lead development of spatial and attribute data to complete traffic safety analysis of major arterial roads for the City of Toronto including digital aerial photo interpretation of street form and features (e.g. number of lanes, medians, street front land use classification).

  • Developed spatial analysis algorithm to automate land use assignment to arterial road sections for the City of Calgary.

  • Developed spatial historical habitat based on census records for assessment of Mixedwood Plains and Southern Boreal Shield Open Country Birds Habitat for Environment and Climate Change Canada, Canadian Wildlife Service-ON.


  • Developed innovative methodology and production of seamless ecosite-based land cover mapping incorporating forest, wetland, agricultural, urban land use and transportation data from sources of varying scale, accuracy, and compilation age for Environment and Climate Change Canada's NAESI project and Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry Species at Risk mapping projects in eastern Ontario.


  • Compiled stand-level forest inventory and other ecological spatial layers for over 34 Million hectares of Canada’s boreal forest tenure lands for the Canadian Forest Products Association assessment of Conservation Lands.

  • Developed national database to combine Boreal Avian Monitoring (BAM) and Breeding Bird Survey (BBS) with current land cover attributes and historic disturbance attributes (budworm defoliation and forest fire) for assessment of boreal avian abundance patterns by Natural Resources Canada, Canadian Forest Service, Great Lakes Forestry Centre.

  • Orthorectified IKONOS 1 m and QuickBird 60 cm pan sharpened colour scenes for the City of Sault Ste. Marie.

  • Created DEM, modeled rock extraction volumes, provided stormwater drainage plans, and 3D visualization products for SalDan Developments and Millar Engineering’s Sunrise Ridge development in Sudbury.

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