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Custom Mapping Tools  and Products

We know that the full potential of your data is only realized through efficient visualization / exploration, querying and extraction of relevant and useful information. At Spatialworks, we have extensive experience taking complex databases and analytical techniques, and packaging them into easy-to-use visual products and software applications designed to answer your questions. Our goal is to empower your staff with intuitive tools that will leverage the maximum value from your data and skills.

We have developed map products used to negotiate national agreements between Canada's largest forest products companies and environmental NGOs. We have also developed GIS-based software applications to package complex ecological concepts for national and provincial government agencies' conservation and forestry policy development.

Sometimes, there is nothing like a large hardcopy map to work around at a meeting, as a reference or to show fine details not easily seen on small screens. Spatialworks can develop printed products that will look stunning at your next meeting or hanging on your wall.

Browse some of our previous projects to see how we have helped our clients harness the power of their data and analysis to find the answers they need.

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